BLANKET PROJECT.............
* This blanket was being decorated for my sis, Pam... she was giving it to our niece Kelsee Marie.

I had already held another large blanket over my shoulder while the embroidery
design was being run on the machine... The flatbed, which would ordinarily be
moved up to support a smaller blanket, was too small for the size of this blanket... So
this time I used an office chair (the kind with rollers) to hold up the bulk of the
blanket... It made my job a whole lot easier.
Tape used to secure a piece of topping, which is laid loosely on top of projects like
blankets (in this case) or towels, for example... Topping creates a smooth
embroidery surface by holding down the fabric to prevent stitches from sinking into
the fabric... This type of transparent light-weight plastic-like topping is water soluable.
Most of our design work is done is millimeters or centimeters... We make a lot of notes
on the hoops so they can easily be identified... The hooping field on this one is
380mm (7 inches) wide.

Hooping a design upside down is sometimes necessary... in this case it was being
embroidered on a large bulky blanket... The name was to be read from the corner of blanket.

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This is a full view of what a 15-needle single-head Barudan commercial
embroidery machine looks like with a large blanket on board.